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    Employee Benefits are fringe benefits for managers and employees. They are part...
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    Mergers, takeovers, joint ventures, the business world is in a constant state...
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    The services we can offer to support you include: Design of your company-...
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    Every company has its own culture with specific internal social relations and...


Teleworking: what happens in the case of a workplace accident? Key points to consider

Searching for a new work culture is undeniably the norm in almost every work environment today. What is known as ‘hybrid working’ is evolving after the Covid 19 pandemic with attempts to create a framework that revolves...Read more

Change to the statutory pension estimate for self-employed

A proverbial bomb dropped recently in the circle of experts who calculate supplementary pensions for the self-employed. On 31 March, the tax administration published a circular raising the statutory pension estimate for...Read more


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