The Overseas Social Security Office (OSSO) offers a broad social protection to anyone who is a citizin of a Member State of the European economic area or Switzerland and who works outside of the EEA or Switzerland. It provides benefits as retirement pension, an allowance in case of illness, maternity or disability. Also complementary insurance contracts as health care and/or occupational and private accidents can be subscribed. Contributions to this organization are most often paid by the employer for its expatriates affiliates, but are also sometimes, on individual basis, supported by the expatriate himself.

On January 1, 2015, on basis of the Royal Decree of June 10, 2014, the merger between the OSSO and the National Office of social security of the Provincial and Local Administrations (RSZPPO or OSSAPL) will take effect. These two bodies will melt into a new service: the Office for special social security systems (DIBISS or ORPPS). This merger should lead to synergies and necessary economies.

The overseas social security scheme will not be changed on this date. However, the scheme may undergo some changes possible from2016.