Limits for tax purposes 2018

A new year means new figures. We mention, as is customary every year, the most important fiscal limits and ceilings on our website as a back-up. Don't hesitate to add this page to your favorites!

​After 4 years freezing of the ceilings for the 3rd pillar or saving on indidvidual basis, they will be re-indexed. This increases the maximum amount in pension savings schemes from EUR 940 tot EUR 960 for tax purposes for the year 2019 tax year (on income earned in 2018). This way you pay 30% or EUR 288 less taxes. For the purpose of long-term savings schemes there's also an increase to a maximum of EUR 2,310

In addition, self-employed persons can still pay into a Free Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed (VAPZ) in the amount of 8.17% of their professional income, subject to a maximum of EUR 3,187.04. Payments for a VAPZ with social characteristics, or invalidity coverage in other words, are up to 9.40% of the professional income, subject to a maximum of EUR 3,666.85.

For the purpose of determining the maximum supplementary pension in the 2nd pillar according to the 80% rule, the statutory pension for self-employed persons is estimated at 25% of their income, subject to a maximum of EUR 16,975.65 (pay ceiling of EUR 67,902.6) and an increased minimum relative to 2017 of EUR 14,650.34.

The pay ceiling for salaried personnel is EUR 55,657.47. The statutory pension of an employed person is estimated at 50% of their salary, subject to a maximum of EUR 27,828.74 and a minimum of EUR 14,650.34 with a complete career.

Sickness and invalidity benefits for salaried personnel are calculated on a pay ceiling of EUR 43,598.51 in 2018 and the mandatory statutory benefits for an occupational accident are calculated subject to a ceiling of EUR 43,460.34

Lastly, the maximum deductible employer’s contribution for an individual pension commitment for salaried personnel has been increased to EUR 2,440.00. The maximum salary bonus (or system of "non-recurring advantage that is linked to results") for 2018 is EUR 2,880.00 (fiscal limit) and EUR 3,255.00 (social limit).