Insurers prolong their support measures

Within Assuralia, the federation of insurance companies, it was decided last week to extend the measures already taken in the context of the COVID pandemic.

An overview of what this means in concrete terms can be found in this summary table /sites/default/files/u16/Assuralia%20Tabel_Maatregelen_COVID19%202021%20fr.png .

This is a nice gesture of solidarity with the sectors most affected and private individuals who are having difficulty paying off their mortgages and the associated insurance policies.

For specific requests, please contact your insurance intermediary or your contact within the insurance company. It may be possible to offer a solution that goes beyond the agreed protocol.

At the same time, as part of the recovery of the Belgian economy, it has been decided to proactively support sustainable initiatives and investments as a partner of the government. This partnership for the future will be fleshed out further between the sector and the Minister at the beginning of January.

(source: Assuralia website)